SAMS Competitions 2011 – Dundee

Please find an email from Kenny Kerr from Kilmarnock Magic Circle regarding SAMS 2011 held in Dundee.

Hello Ladies & Gents

First of all let my introduce myself to those who do not know me – My name is Kenny Kerr and I have been elected for the second year as the SAMS Competitions Organiser for the forthcoming convention which will take place in Dundee from Friday 29th April, to Sunday 1st May 2011.

I am appealing for entrants to take part in the SAMS Competitions, namely –

Harold McMillan Shield

Presented for the most entertaining 10 minute stage act.

Max Raskin Cup

Presented for the most entertaining 10 minute presentation of magic for children.

The Anne Warlock Trophy

Is awarded for the most entertaining 10 minute close-up act.

John Ramsay Rose Bowl

Is awarded for the most entertaining close-up effect.

All competitions are open to persons over the age of 16 years on the date of the competition and they also must be members of clubs who are affiliated to SAMS (and the club has paid its fees).

I can be contacted at  or by telephone 01563 537173

Could all club secretaries please print this off and circulate it to your members and I will send out further emails to you all after the festive season is over, just to jog your memories.

Kenny Kerr

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