The following constitution was agreed by AGM on 21st September 2009. You can download a printable copy here FVMC-Constitution


The name of the Society shall be FORTH VALLEY MAGIC CIRCLE

The objects of the Society shall be:

i. To promote and develop the Art of Magic.
ii. To encourage and improve the performance of Magic.

It is expressly declared that the Society is non-profit making and is established for charitable
objects and purposes only.

The Society shall have the power to do anything considered by the Executive Committee to be
in furtherance of the foregoing objects or any of them, and in particular, but without prejudice to that

i. To acquire by donation, loan, purchase, feu, excambion, lease, hire hire purchase or
otherwise, any heritable or moveable property; to construct, maintain and alter any buildings
or other property; and to gift, lend, sell, lease or otherwise dispose of any property of the

ii. To raise, hold and bank or otherwise invest, apply and distribute funds.

iii. To employ staff, and to do all things which may be deemed necessary or appropriate in
relation to such employment.

iv. To promote and provide for education, training, research, and the dissemination and
interchange of knowledge and information and to advertise.

v. To borrow money and to give security there for.

vi. To take such steps as may be necessary to qualify for tax exemption or other benefits.

(4) Liability
Forth Valley Magic Circle shall not be responsible for any accidents or loss of, or damage to
property belonging to any person, nor will it be responsible for any injury to any person, during the
course of the activities of the society.

All members of the Society shall be responsible for insuring themselves against liability when
performing any act of magic.


i. Full membership of the Society may be offered to competent applicants. Such full members
shall have one vote in General Meetings (which vote may be exercised by a proxy
appointed in writing) and shall be eligible for election to the Executive Committee of the

ii. The minimum age of 16 years shall be attained before any applicant for membership can be

iii. Any full member may be offered Honorary Membership if the Executive Committee deem
it appropriate. The offer of Honorary Membership may only be made at the Annual
General Meeting with the Society’s consent.

iv. Country Membership may be offered to a full member leaving Forth Valley Magic Circle so
that they may return without formality at some future time. Country members will have no
voting rights at any General Meetings.

v. Competence or Suitability for membership will be decided by the Executive Committee,
whose decision shall be final.

vi. Application for Membership shall be in writing and countersigned by two full members as
Proposer and Seconder. The Executive Committee retain the right to refuse any application
and will notify the applicant in writing.

vii. Prospective Members may be invited to attend a maximum of two meetings before there
application is considered.

viii. Members wishing to leave Forth Valley Magic Circle should submit there resignation in
writing giving one calendar month’s notice.

ix. The amount of the Annual Subscription fee payable upon acceptance to membership shall
be decided by the Executive Committee giving consideration to what portion of the
Financial Year is still to run.

x. Annual Subscriptions become due at the Annual General Meeting. A member who fails to
pay their subscriptions within three calendar months of the A.G.M. will be deemed to have
resigned. The Executive Committee shall have discretion to waive subscriptions.

(6) Financial Year
The Financial Year of the Society shall commence on the 1st August and end on the 31st July.

(7)Executive Committee

i. The management of the Society shall be vested in an Executive Committee. The Executive
Committee shall exercise on behalf of the Society the powers set forth in Article 3 of this
Constitution, and shall have the power to bind this Society. The Executive Committee shall
be bound by any resolutions passed by a duly convened General Meeting of the Society.
Moreover, the Committee shall not, without the sanction of the Society in such a General
Meeting, incur indebtedness which shall in total exceed the value of the assets of the society
or the sum of two years Annual Subscriptions calculated upon current membership and
subscription rates, whichever is the greater.

ii. The Executive Committee shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer
and two Committee members. The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer shall
be elected annually by the Society at the Annual General Meeting, to serve until the next
Annual General Meeting. These office bearers shall be eligible for re-election except that no
person may hold the office of President or Vice President for more than three consecutive
years. Casual vacancies shall be filled by the Executive Committee by co-option to serve on
the Executive Committee until the next Annual General Meeting.

iii. The Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint such specialist or professional
advisers as may be considered appropriate and invite them to attend meetings of the
Executive Committee as appropriate, but any such person shall not be entitled to vote.

iv. The Executive Committee shall meet each year on at least one occasion. The Secretary shall
circulate to each member of the Executive Committee notice of each meeting with an
agenda and a copy of the minutes of the previous meeting. The President of the Society,
whom failing, the Vice President, whom failing, such person as shall be elected, shall preside
at the meetings of the Executive Committee and shall have a casting as well as a deliberate

v. The Executive Committee may appoint sub-committees, advisory groups and working
parties etc. where permanent or otherwise, as it may consider necessary.

vi. Any member of the Executive Committee, who knowingly or recklessly fails to carry out
their duties as defined in this Constitution, may be subject to disciplinary action at an
Extraordinary General Meeting which may be called by any three full members.

(8) Finance

i. The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping accurate records of all the financial
transactions of the Society. A balance sheet shall be prepared showing all income and
expenditure up to and including the 31st July annually. This date is subject to change. These
accounts shall be audited by auditor(s) who shall be appointed by the Society at a duly
convened General Meeting. The accounts will be part of the Treasurer’s report submitted at
the next following Annual General Meeting.

ii. All property or money received by or for the Society shall be applied for the objects of the
Society and shall not be given or paid to any member or officer of the Society except for
services actually rendered to the Society or for expenditure properly incurred on its behalf.

iii. The funds, property and contracts of the Society shall be taken and held in the name of the
Society, or in the name of the President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer and their
respective successors in office as trustees for the Society, as the Executive Committee in
each case may resolve. The Executive Committee shall have the power to instruct the
Society’s bankers as appropriate with regard to the actual operation of the Society’s

(9) Artifacts
The custody and security of all the artifacts belonging to the Society will be the responsibility of a
full member elected at the Annual General Meeting. A list of the artifacts will be retained by the
Secretary and produced and verified at the Annual General Meeting.

(10) Annual General Meeting
The annual General meeting of the Society shall be held within three calendar months following
the end of the Financial Year. The Secretary shall give not less than 21 days notice to all members of
the date, time and place of the meeting, and shall provide an agenda specifying the business to be
transacted. The agenda shall include inter alia reports by the Treasurer, consideration and adoption of
the Society’s accounts, fixing the level of Annual Subscriptions, election of the Executive Committee
and any other competent business. The President, whom failing, the Vice President, whom failing, any
full member as shall be elected will chair the meeting and have a casting as well as a deliberate vote. In
the event of the business not being concluded, the President shall have the power to adjourn the
Annual General Meeting to re-convene at a later date. The only business of such a re-convened
Annual General Meeting shall be that which was uncompleted at the original meeting.

(11) General Meeting
A General Meeting of the Society may be called at the request of the Executive Committee or by
the written request signed by three full members of the Society clearly stating the business to be
transacted. In either event the Secretary shall not give less than 21 days notice to all members of the
date, time and place of the meeting, which shall not be later than 35 days after the request for the
meeting. The President, whom failing, the Vice President, whom failing, any full member as shall be
elected will chair the meeting and will have a casting vote as well as a deliberative vote. In the event of
the business not being concluded, the President shall have the same powers as the Annual General

(12) Quorum
No meeting, whether Annual General, General or Extraordinary, shall take place without a
quorum attending. A Quorum shall consist of at least two Executive Committee officers and, in
addition, at least four Full Members or fifty per cent of the current Full Membership (whichever is the

(13) Voting
In any meeting, whether Annual General, General, Extraordinary or Executive Committee, the
voting shall be on the basis of a simple majority with the option of a secret ballot as may be deemed

(14) Dissolution
In the event of dissolution any surplus funds or assets after satisfaction of the whole indebtedness
of the Society shall be paid and made over to the Scottish Association of Magical Societies to help in
the continuation and promotion of magic in Scotland. The disposal of the assets of the Society will be
decided at a General Meeting by the current Full Members at the time of Dissolution.

(15) Disciplinary Action
Such action, decided at a General Meeting, will be brought against a member of the Society, who:-

i. Indiscriminately or deliberately exposes magical secrets to anyone out with the magic
fraternity, or

ii. Brings Forth Valley Magic Circle into disrepute.

Disciplinary action may consist of censure, suspension or termination of membership or removal
from office.