Forth Valley magic Circle present a lecture by Marcelo Insua (Mister Tango) on;

Tuesday 14th February, at

The Station Hotel,
2 Foundry Loan,
starting at 7.30pm,
£10 entry to non members.

Mr Tango isn’t lecturing at the Blackpool convention, so this would be an opportunity to see his full lecture. It is called “Stress Free Magic” and is about 80 per cent coins and 20 per cent cards magic. All of the effects are practical and easy to do.

Marcelo is the owner of Tango Magic gaffed coins factory. Besides being a professional magician for more than 20 years, he has the only magic bar theatre in South American, called Bar Mágico.

Three years ago he invented a new gaffed coin called TUC (Tango Ultimate Coin) that was a truly revolution in the magic coin world, you can see this post in the The Magic Cafe forum: . This post is a record with more of 53000 visits and 200 reviews of his invention. 

TUC allows to perform the most difficult coin magic routine to everybody in just a few minutes of practice.

For more information please contact Colin MacKenzie on 07825 576570 for ticket information.