If you feel like joining the FVMC, we would ask that you come along to any of our meetings and see what you think. We are a small club and we don’t have annual auditions or open nights for new applicants.

At these initial meetings you will not be required to do any magic (though you can if you want).
When you attend for the third time, you will be asked to perform a short routine, about ten minutes or so, in which you will have to demonstrate a ‘genuine enthusiasm and interest in magic’. We are not looking for anything spectacular, we are just trying to flush out any time-wasters and confirm your commitment.

A vote is taken amongst the members and you could be offered membership that same evening.

For a typical meeting, there will be a given theme (e.g. rope tricks) and the members are asked to turn up with something prepared on that theme. They will perform the trick and then offer an explanation on how it’s done, inviting discussion from the rest of the group. It is all very good natured and friendly. On those occasions when non-members are in attendance, it is normal for secrets not to be discussed openly. This should not be taken personally – secrecy is taken as seriously at FVMC as it is at any other magic society.

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