Oz Pearlman is sought after around the globe to lecture for his fellow magicians. His passion for teaching and love of the art help to make his lecture one of the most engaging and educational around.


Who is Oz Pearlman?

Oz Pearlman has been dazzling audiences for the past 10 years. His talents caught the eye of an up and coming company named Penguin Magic. Along with his help, they became the dominating force in online magic distribution in less than 2 years. He has released 3 card magic DVDs, Stealing Pips, Born to Perform card magic, and WatchMagic, all of which have become blockbusters selling thousands of copies in over 35 countries. He is also an accomplished performer, recently completing a 9-month run of his Off-Broadway show, WatchMagic, where the NY Times hailed “even skeptical viewers are won over”. He is a real world performer with extensive experience in close-up and stand-up magic in a variety of venues, and has a true passion for teaching.
What does Oz cover in his lecture?

Oz Pearlman’s lecture consists entirely of high-impact, visual magic! Oz will perform some of his most treasured routines and creations, and after he’s done fooling you, he’ll teach them in great detail. The material will consist of primarily card magic, with a mix of mentalism and magic with everyday items. Not only will you learn the sleights and moves that go into each routine, but the subtleties and little touches that transform a trick into a miracle. There is a variety of material covered in the lecture, and something for magicians of all skill levels. The routines, sleights, and flourishes range from beginner to advanced, with an emphasis on direct, commercial magic that you will USE. This is one lecture you can’t afford to miss!
Lecture Reviews

“If you only had to be amazed once a lifetime, then you should see Oz Pearlman! He is a new breed in magic – young, refreshing and full of energy. His lecture is full of well-thought routines which are all practical and for the real world. Behind his magic is knowledge, experience and skill plus an entertaining timing that will make you do his magic! Do not miss your opportunity to see one of the hottest new magicians in magic! We have had every major magician lecture for us and Oz Pearlman is one of the best we ever had!”
Joe Pon, owner of Misdirections Magic shop in San Francisco, CA

“Oz – I thought your lecture was GREAT!! I stay away from some of the tougher card tricks (involving breaks, double lifts etc…) but you had a ton of other stuff that I’m using. I love the Super Sharpie!! It took me about a week to get comfortable, but I’m now blowing people away with it. I like the way you try to make effects as simple as possible, thus making them available to some of us “not so polished” magicians. Thanks again for accommodating our meeting date. I hope your trip back to Michigan proved worthwhile.”
Jim Placido, Vice President of SAM Assembly 88 in Ann Arbor, MI

“While all of Oz’s material was absolutely first rate (audience killers, from his own working repertoire, which he has perfected over time), what was perhaps most impressive was his teaching style and ability. He truly took the time to make sure everything was fully and effectively explained, and created an environment where no one was concerned about asking a “dumb question.” We will definitely be bringing him back again to lecture for our Assembly. Top marks all around!”
Scott Leavitt, Vice President of SAM Assembly 161 in Green Brook, NJ

“At first glance, Oz’s methods may seem intimidating, but his crystal clear teaching style makes his systems easy to understand and, although you know you’ll have to practice, you know you can attain his wonders as well. Don’t miss an opportunity to see this lecture.”
Steve Johnson, owner of Grand Illusions Magic shop in Sacramento, CA

“I enjoyed your lecture. You taught very good commercial magic. It’s really great to see the younger generation in magic doing some wonderful effects and routines. Your style and manner suit you well and I’m sure you will go far in our art.”
JC Wagner, legendary bar magician

“Who is Oz Pearlman? That is what many of the members of IBM Ring 244 asked when we discussed booking this professional for our next lecture. We are used to seeing professional quality magic at our meetings, and that is exactly what we experienced with the Oz Pearlman lecture. Oz shared his clever twists on many classic card magic routines. Some excellent mind reading and paper money magic effects were also included. “He has thought of everything!” was a comment often heard as Oz clearly explained his methods. In structuring his routines, Oz has simplified his handlings for maximum audience effect. This is the mark of a true professional. I can recommend this lecture to any magician’s group interested in learning some great close up magic.”
Wayne Haarhaus, President of IBM Ring 244 in Long Island, NY
“WOW! Thank you for lecturing at The New Magician’s Association’s meeting last night. 12 years ago several friends and I started NMA and have had many lecturers and performers. You rank among the top in our book. You were not only Infomative and entertaining, but you had a stage presence that is usually found in performers almost twice your age. Your knowledge and handling of your craft was easy to follow and a pleasure to watch. I’m sure we will be contacting you again for a repeat lecture.”
Joe Sabas, President of SAM Assembly 127 in BridgePort, CT