Chris Dinwoodie aka, ‘Woody the magician’ will be presenting his first ever lecture on Entertaining Magic at Paisley Magic Circle on Thursday, 20th January, at St Ninians Church, 5 Baldwin Avenue, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G13 2EE at 7.30pm.

At the lecture,  E=MC2 , he’ll be releasing his brand new ebook  “Pause 4 Applause“. Plus, he has 2/3 products in the pipeline (which shall remain secret for now as he says; ‘I don’t know if they’ll be any good!’)

As Woodie says; ‘ ‘The main body of the lecture will cover Engaging Entertaining magic.  I say the main thing because I haven’t actually created the lecture yet! It will be a dangerous lecture as I’ll be talking about magic theory, with other possible subjects including psychology and business’.

I look forward to meeting you all there

All my best

Scottish Close-Up Magic Champion 2008 – 2009
Associate of the Inner Magic Circle

For more information, please follow the Paisley Magic Circle Link……