Peter KinneyOn Wednesday 11th November our very own President Peter Kinney was invited to judge the Scottish Conjurors Association competition. Here is Pete’s report.

Last Wednesday, I was invited along to the Scottish Conjuror’s Association to judge their club competition. It was a great night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were five acts on. Three of the acts routines were geared towards family entertainment, very similar to our own Tryst routines. For example; we had needles going through balloons without bursting the balloon and a live rabbit appearing from a large pot. The next act was a card routine, where four Aces disappeared from four separate piles of cards only to reappear together in the final pile. We also nearly saw a ten pound note levitate! I say nearly because the magic just didn’t quick work on that one, but he assured us it usually did work. To be fair, he did manage to make it levitate later on.

The final act was a mentalist. No not Patrick Jayne. He did a couple of very nice mind reading effects were he managed to tell who drew what figure, just from looking at it. His final routine involved members of the audience, who chose certain pages, columns and lines to determine a name of a person in the telephone directory. Then with the help of someone from the audience, he managed to pick up on the information this person was sending o him, to successfully tell the person’s; name, address and telephone number!

On the whole, a great night, with great entertainment from the five acts, and I would like to thank the Scottish Conjurors Association for their kind invitation to judge the competition.