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2015 – 2016

September 19th – Colours
Could include colour changes or anything colourful. NB: Not just cards.

October 6th – Lecture: Fritz Alkemade
Starts at 7:30pm at the Birds & Bees in Stirling. Guests are welcome and entry is £10.

October 17th – Buy An Act
If you arrived somewhere without your magic case and with no local magic shop, what would you do? Present a trick that uses everyday objects available in normal high street shops or supermarkets.

November 14th – Lecture: Roddy McGhie
Starts at 7:30pm at the Station Hotel. Guests are welcome and entry is £10.

November 21st – Club Competition
Entry deadline is October 17th – entrants must be paid-up members of the club by the entry deadline.

December 19th – Christmas Social
Venue and details to be confirmed.

January 16th – My Favourite Trick
Your preparation and approach to presenting a favourite trick. Take up to 15 minutes to present a trick and explain your thinking behind your presentation, or how your presentation has evolved.

February 13th – Ordinary Deck Of Cards
Tricks using a special deck of cards – gimmicks, gaffs, stacks etc.

February 16th to 19th – Blackpool Magic Convention
The 65th Annual Blackpool Magic Convention held at The Winter Gardens, Blackpool.

March 20th – Show & Tell
Present a trick or a portion of an act and ask for critique/ideas/discussion/suggestions.

April 17th – Money Magic
Present a trick using money (or similar). Coins, notes, poker chips etc.
Also discussion or coaching/teaching/support for unfamiliar sleights
using money

May 15th – President’s Surprise
Watch this space!

June 19th – AGM & Summer social
Venue and details to be confirmed.

September 7th to 9th – International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention 2017
This is 25th British Ring convention and it’s being held at the Beacons Arts Centre in Greenock.


The syllabus for previous years can be found here: