What’s On

2015 – 2016

September 21st
Packet Tricks, Impromptu Magic or “bring a trick”

October 5th
Lecture by Sean Goodman

October 19th
Theme Night – “Spooky”. Any tricks, but presentation relates to “Spooky” or “bring a trick”
Competition entry deadline.

November 16th
Annual club competition – Last year, the competition was a huge success. So let’s make this one even better! It’s a fun night with 2 main prizes on offer.
So please do not shy away from this one. It is FUN!!

December 21st
Christmas Dinner (Venue TBC) – If you want to bring a trick, go for it!

January 18th
Competition Recap/Breakdown,
Mini-lecture from competition entrants on the inspiration and thinking behind the competition routine. Performance and critique.
Also “bring a trick” if there’s time.
Tryst Stage Acts, confirmations and initial thoughts.

February 15th
Gimmicks, Magnets, Holdouts, or “bring a trick”
Also discussion on props, storage, transport, pocket management etc.

February 19th – 21st,
Blackpool Magic Convention – Hosted by The Blackpool Magician’s Club and held at The winter Gardens.

March 21st
Rope, Ring & Rope, Ring & String, Loops, Thread, Cut/Torn & Restored or “bring a trick”

April 18th
Fire/Pyrotechnics, Sucker Tricks or “bring a trick”

Out on the streets of Falkirk to promote the Tryst show. (Date to be confirmed).

May 4th
Tryst Rehearsal. (Please note ALL acts musts go through their routines for timings and  critique before performing)

May 11th
Tryst Rehearsal.

May 21st
Tryst Show – Tricks at the Tryst at Falkirk Town Hall. (Date to be confirmed)

May 23rd
AGM and meal at – The Birds and Bees. (To be confirmed)

Jun   20th
President versus the People – another fun night. Be prepared to do any trick based on this years club nights.


The syllabus for previous years can be found here;