19th January 2009
Lecture on history and collecting by Jim Cuthbert. Jim will bring a variety of magic related items for us to look at. His specialist topic is Scottish Magicians and Scottish Magic clubs and he has published a book called “What has Scotland done for Magic?”

16th February 2009
Homemade Magic
Make a cunning gaff or prop. Prizes for best idea and best craftsmanship

20-22 February 2009
Blackpool Magicians Convention

16th March 2009
Shirley Ray Lecture, www.balloonparade.co.uk
Shirley is a former member of Forth Valley Magic Circle and worked under the name of Auntie Rainbow. Shirley Ray is a third generation magician, a versatile and experienced performer. She is also one of the worlds leading balloon figure artists. Shirley Ray is one of the top elite instructors teaching at balloon conventions around the world. She was born in Edinburgh and brought up in the world of magic tricks. Shirley has won a number of prestigious awards, including the Scottish Shield for magic.

6th April 2009
Tryst Rehearsal

20th April 2009
Tryst Rehearsal

11th May 2009
Tryst Rehearsal

16th May 2009
Tricks at the Tryst Show 2009

18th May 2009

15th June 2009
Two Tribes Go to War
Themed Magic “Competition”. President and Secretary each have a team.
Based on last year – everyone’s a winner.