2012 – 2013

September 17th
Opening night – The Theme is Self working or Packet tricks.

October 15th
Gaffs,Gizmos and Gimmicks (Thumbtips to Toppits).
There will also be an EGM for all members on this night.

November 19th
Club Competition. Plus a new award (for all you sleight of hand merchants).

December 17th
Christmas meal – venue to be confirmed.

January 21st
Psychokinetics – (Invisible forces) moving/controling objects with the power of the mind.
Tryst Show outlines and participants.

February 18th
Problem night – having bother with a trick or sleight or gimmick bring it along and get help.
Looking forward to Blackpool (Discuss things you might buy in Blackpool).

February 22nd – 24th, Blackpool Magic Convention
The dates are Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd, Sunday 24th February 2013. The Convention has been entitled “The People’s Convention” because it gives every registrant the opportunity to nominate their favourite performers. Blackpool Magicians Club will try to book the most popular nominated performers and include them in the 2013 Convention.

March 5th
Larbert Ladies Night at Larbert East Church – Close up magic.

March 18th
Forth Valley visit Edinburgh Magic Circle.

April 15th
Tryst Show discussion (Confirming acts and positions), and/or Bring in a random object.
Come up with a routine with this random object.

April 22nd
Tryst Rehearsal.

April 29th
Tryst Rehearsal.

Out on the streets of Falkirk to promote the Tryst show. (Date to be confirmed).

May 6th
Tryst Rehearsal.

May 13th
Tryst Rehearsal.

May 18th
Tryst Show.

May 27th
AGM venue to be decided.

Jun   17th
President versus the People.


The syllabus for previous years can be found here;