2013 – 2014

September 16th
Opening night – The Theme is bring a trick you have not done at the club before, even one you are working on.

October 21st
Bizarre/Weird magic/unusual objects(gizzmo’s) – really anything other than cards, coins, cups or balls.( or just bring a trick!)

November 18th
Club Competition – (Do not let this put you off it is meant to be a fun night, OK so someone gets crowned, so what, it is a great chance to do a routine AND there is a new special bonus prize for the person who brought a special moment. Which could be anything, but really the biggest laugh  -  scripted or not!
So please do not shy away from this one. It is FUN.

December (tbc)
Christmas Dinner (probably at the Birds and the Bees) – every year we say bring a trick, this year, not only bring it – do it!

January 20th
Cups and Balls/Chop Cup/Wallet trick – Pick two out of the three.

February 17th
Ring/coin to impossible location/Sharpie tricks/any Omni trick - Pick any two.
(NB no Fly Drive!!) seriously, well done Colin ‘Fly Drive’ received a great write up in this months Magicseen magazine. Lots of (+s ) and no ( -s) but no Fly Drive.

February 21st – 23rd, Blackpool Magic Convention
Hosted by The Blackpool Magician’s Club and held at The winter Gardens. - For details click here…

March 17th
Kids tricks for Adults - Kids tricks that can be used for family settings.  Bring tricks you do to families – Hosted by Pete.

April 21st
Fire/Flash /Technology (mobile apps, smoke machines,etc)

April 22nd
Tryst Rehearsal.

April 29th
Tryst Rehearsal.

Out on the streets of Falkirk to promote the Tryst show. (Date to be confirmed).

May 5th
Tryst Rehearsal.

May 12th
Tryst Rehearsal.

May 19th
Tryst Rehearsal.

May 24th
Tryst Show – Tricks at the Tryst at Falkirk Town Hall.

May 26th
AGM - Birds and Bees Restaurant, Easter Cornton Rd, Stirling FK9 5PB.

Jun   16th
President versus the People – another fun night. Be prepared to do any trick based on this years club nights.


The syllabus for previous years can be found here;