2015 – 2016

September 21st
Packet Tricks, Impromptu Magic or “bring a trick”

October 5th
Lecture by Sean Goodman

October 19th
Theme Night – “Spooky”. Any tricks, but presentation relates to “Spooky” or “bring a trick”
Competition entry deadline.

November 16th
Annual club competition - Last year, the competition was a huge success. So let’s make this one even better! It’s a fun night with 2 main prizes on offer.
So please do not shy away from this one. It is FUN!!

December 21st
Christmas Dinner (Venue TBC) – If you want to bring a trick, go for it!

January 18th
Competition Recap/Breakdown,
Mini-lecture from competition entrants on the inspiration and thinking behind the competition routine. Performance and critique.
Also “bring a trick” if there’s time.
Tryst Stage Acts, confirmations and initial thoughts.

February 15th
Gimmicks, Magnets, Holdouts, or “bring a trick”
Also discussion on props, storage, transport, pocket management etc.

February 19th – 21st,
Blackpool Magic Convention – Hosted by The Blackpool Magician’s Club and held at The winter Gardens.

March 21st
Rope, Ring & Rope, Ring & String, Loops, Thread, Cut/Torn & Restored or “bring a trick”

April 18th
Fire/Pyrotechnics, Sucker Tricks or “bring a trick”

Tryst Festival Parade on the streets of Falkirk – 14th May

May 2nd
Tryst Rehearsal. (Please note ALL acts musts go through their routines for timings and  critique before performing)

May 9th
Tryst Rehearsal.

May 16th
‘Bring a trick’, Tryst planning and auditions.

May 28th
Tryst Show – Tricks at the Tryst at Falkirk Town Hall, 6.30pm for a 7pm Start.

Jun   20th
AGM – Birds and Bees.


The syllabus for previous years can be found here;