Scary Magic at Forth Valley Magic Circle


P1000103Monday night was Scary Magic night at Forth Valley Magic Circle. Our thanks to everyone who made a real effort to present something on the night.

Our thanks also to our Treasurer, Stuart Chalmers who was good enough to take some photographs of the night. We’ve posted them on our flickr account. You can also find the latest picture on our Galley Page.

Just realised that’s Peter Kinney’s picture on the front page again. Quick get some more more news.

Forth Valley Magic Circle Committee 2009-2010


We have updated the Membership and Committee page after last night’s Annual General Meeting during which a new committee was elected. Everyone in the club expressed their gratitude to the previous committee for their contribution to the club over the past year. By the end of our AGM meal it was clear that everyone was looking forward to another fantastic year.